How Country Strong Helps You get every detail right!

In the Details

Aisle Planner -- Your One-Stop Shop to Plan Your Event!

Country Strong is proud to offer our clients a state-of-the-art planning experience through Aisle Planner. This high-powered, online solution connects you with your event to help you set up seating charts, pay outstanding balances, choose packages, and more! Stay organized and get every detail right with this unique event portal.

Aisle Planner gives you a fast way to see how your event planning is going. Think of it as your homepage to find the status of your:

  • Preparation checklist and which tasks are outstanding
  • Your overall planning progress
  • The status of your guest list

From here you can find the section that needs your attention quickly.

Event Dashboard

Easily create, view, and track your guest list, including mailing addresses for save-the-dates and invitations.

Need to separately track who has confirmed for reception, ceremony, etc.? No problem. Aisle planner keeps you organized so everyone who is part of your planning is on the same page.

Guest List

Keep track of all the vendors you are using for each aspect of your event, including payments due, whether they have been paid, and contact information.

Categories include:
  • Catering
  • Cake
  • Beauty
  • Florals
  • And more!

Vendor Tracker

Do you think you know every task that goes into a great event? We do! Aisle Planner gives you a complete checklist of tasks to bring your wedding from idea to reality, including the ability to assign tasks to every member of the wedding.

Smart integration with third-party calendars can help you stay on top of your checklist.

Full Planning Checklist with Individual Assignments

Keep your budget in view with Aisle Planner's detailed budget screen. You'll be able to see where each dollar is going and how much of your budget is still available in categories like:

  • Venue
  • Stationary
  • Brides/Bridesmaid Fashion
  • And more!

Budget Tracker

Make the perfect arrangements for your guests with Aisle Planner's powerful seating chart generator.

And since the seating chart ties directly into your guest list, you won't miss anyone who has RSVPed.

Easily ensure everyone has their place at your Country Strong event with Aisle Planner!

Seating Chart

Are you stuck trying to find the perfect look for your event? With a whole design section, Aisle Planner helps you think of how you want each part of the experience to look, including:
  • Layout
  • Placesetting
  • Cake
  • Lighting
  • Bouquets
  • And much more!

Get Inspired!